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Medical Equipment Maintenance Principle And Method

1. repeated failure in person (if it can be repeated), do not believe the user or a third party dictating or paraphrased.

Careful observation, oral not gullible users, especially third party reporting. Some operators in order to evade their responsibilities, said instruments himself ... and he didn't move, etc. These are understandable. Engineers should be properly dealt with.

2. external and internal.

Don't be so ready to open the Cabinet, no preliminary judgement and excluded veteran likes to roll out the stall is not practice. Expect to open the Cabinet to see where there is a break or apparent failure, purely on luck, even if good luck cannot in every case.

About 50% fault is determined by external environmental or operations, caused by cleaning. Such as whether to shut down for a long time? Whether there is a great temperature difference between day and night?

Apparatus location is near the elevator? Equipment near what equipment is in use? Computer is set up correctly? For a while.

3. power supply, after the hosts first annex, after the hosts.

Should first check whether the stability of the power supply, the load is too heavy and the ground is good, electrodes and other accessories are good and normal, the interface is correct.

4. take full advantage of the instrument panel buttons, display screen and operation or maintenance procedures, exclusion, which need to be extremely familiar with the structure.


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