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Focus On The Development Of High-performance Medical Equipment Away From Dependence On Imports Of Medical Devices

Made 2025 China has clearly put forward to enhance the medical device innovation and industrialization, focusing on the development of high performance equipment, from the high-end medical equipment import-dependent situation.

Currently domestic appliances the overall scientific and technological level 10 years gap with developed countries or regions, mainly in small scale, weak competitiveness; insufficient research and development funding domestic medical institutions buy and use homemade devices lack of policy support national industrial base is still a little weak.

Technology aggregation and concentration is the key to large medical device industry stronger, needs world-class research teams, industry leading and high levels of venture capital project third party connection, can bring the high-end medical equipment. Strengthening cooperation with the high level of scientific research institutes, national applied research projects to industry, complement, the efficient use of resources.

Our high-end medical equipment development, needed to break the foreign giants in a monopolistic situation; should pay attention to "the Internet" thinking through the consolidation of resources, develop the medical devices area of medical services, including medical devices to the Internet, data centers independent software, personalized products such as shared medical clinical samples.

Large sophisticated diagnostic equipment such as CT, MRI, MRI class, such as nuclear medicine and angiography machine DSA has long been "GPS" (GE United States GE, Philips Netherlands Philips, Siemens Germany Siemens) by foreign giants such as monopolies.

Multinational medical device companies take advantage of market dominance and keep raising the prices of products and services. Aftermarket and consumables area, prices for imported medical equipment year warranty from 6% of the contract costs soar more than 10 years ago to the current 15%.


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