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Difference Between Drills And Hand Drill

Drill just resorting to motor drive gears increase the strength of drill bit rotation, drills in metal. timber. material does scrape through

Impact drill, drill chucks knob, adjustable drilling and impact drilling in two ways. but the impact drill is the use of gear on the shaft beating each other to realize the impact, but the impact is much less hammer. it can also drill reinforced concrete, but less effective.

Hammer is not the same, it is the use of motors driving two sets of gears on the bottom structure, a set of its drill, and the other a drive piston, hydraulic engine strokes, have a powerful impact, along with drill results. force can crack stone gold

Electric pick is motor driven lashes left mound jumping running, so pick a gouge ground effects

Picks are used in hydraulic pump, air compressor pump in the transmission gas pressure-driven electric pick hammers bouncing back and forth to produce picks gouge ground effects, but electric pick only chisel, its pick does not turn.

Summary drill drill drill drill drill and hammer drill hammer effect can higher hammer electric pick only the hammer does not drill


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