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Development Of Sino-US Mobile Health Differences

With the rapid development of the mobile Internet, more and more traditional industries to catch up the Leeward boat, mobile medical industry is one of them.

In the product market positioning, most mobile enterprise products for patients in China, while in the United States, demand for mobile healthcare industry focus on doctors and hospitals. The reason for this difference is that China's relative lack of medical resources, patient access to quality treatment, so mobile companies trying to build a platform of solutions that information asymmetry.

In the United States, medical resources are plentiful, the main problem is high costs, low efficiency. Due to the popularity of general practitioners, the majority of patients have regular doctors. Need to make an appointment and visit platform are not too strong, but for the United States for doctors and hospitals to improve efficiency, reduce waste, improve health care quality, you need to move the medical orientation of enterprises.

Market positioning is also directly on the direction of enterprise development, according to the Chinese Academy of Sciences, wrote of the mobile medical technology and industrial development situation and research report says our mobile O2O thinking medical enterprises taking traditional, dominated by a platform, and resolve asymmetric information and treatment in patients with difficult problems.

However, with the release of policy, domestic companies are also exploring. Aliyun hospital platform, for example, actively cooperate with the public hospitals to promote medical service line management on the popularity of the whole process. Its development plan for: contract with the clinic, doctors settled; drug through retail channels, the introduction of third party inspection/testing center, medical institutions, explore areas of Medicare, commercial insurance claims.

Now, compared with foreign countries, China's mobile industry there is a gap, is still in its infancy stage. Medical industry because of high research and development costs and much larger, still need the Government's support and help, mobile medical industry also needs Government guidance and policy support.

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