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The development potential of China's medical device industry

Shenyang Pusm Medical Device Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 16, 2016

Orthopedic device manufacturers in China has great potential for promotion. Domestic enterprises separately and the development direction of reorganization and integration can be divided into short and long time trend. Short time trend: on similar business works of resources integration, seeks to formed economic scale and collaborative effect to enhanced mutual advantage and forward industry into barriers, this in medical devices industry very revealed, primary causes is sales channel cut of problem and development of high capital; in the lasting trend: in enterprise development to certainly scale, in market annexation rate and brand are some prevailed of status Xia, through merger in other category has advantage of relative smaller scale enterprise to widened I of out products line.

Overseas medical tools for fast, but it is increasing faster in the lower end of the counterfeiting to create products. With different large, high-end building products, which provide high-end building space. Policy, the State Health Commission recommended produces medical equipment, focusing on promoting the Hospital made medical equipment, manufacture of medical equipment rebound in future with a great deal of space. Seize the high-end markets abroad with limited overseas enterprises struggled to one direction.

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