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Present situation and prospect of Chinese logistics industry

China medical devices industry overall development momentum rapid, for medical devices professional logistics brings has broad of development opportunities, but due to devices equipment of professional sex, and products and circulation of particularity, China medical devices logistics has been failed to by widely attention, professional of third party medical devices logistics enterprise number few, this and China near 300 billion yuan of medical devices market scale not phase match, more and current regulations requirements phase deviated from. On the overall development of medical devices in China logistics, mainly the following issues.

Not high degree of attention to logistics, business

Low threshold for China's medical device business, and many medical devices are comparatively low-end products, both medical institutions and medical device logistics business was not seriously, and product transport and storage aspects there are many security risks, these medical devices if a problem occurs during the process of logistics has, it would be difficult to ensure the safety of consumers. Therefore, increased industry emphasis on logistics is the inevitable trend of the medical device industry and public safety needs.

Second, the loosely regulated industry, specializing in third-party logistics companies to access the

State supervision of medical logistics is relatively loose, resulting in medical device logistics there are many nonstandard phenomenon, along with the pursuit of low operating costs, standard and efficient logistics business to enter the industry.


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